Thursday, 1 May 2014

Day 03 : Standedge - Hebden Bridge (28km)

Total distance covered so far : 76 km

A drizzly start from my guest house made only wetter and windier by height and exposure as the day wore on. So though the route was not all that hilly, it was very much a 'hide in the waterproofs' day and from the viewpoints along the way, I actually saw.... Nothing! Took the wrong path a few times as I couldn't see anything further than a few tens of metres away. Got slowly hypnotised by the rhythm of mashing along a flat couple of km of the banks of reservoirs with the wind buffeting the side of my head, the rain flying from the end of my nose and the gradual deepening wet coldness gnawing through my fleece.

Miles of giving thanks for yet more paved slabs through the boggier bits and wondering how the hell anyone ever did this hike before the slabs and GPS were there! Sure, it would have been possible, but they'd only travel at a quarter of the speed, fall in, get stuck, get soaked and get covered in wet, stinking boggy crap and likely be forced to walk in circles! They'd never make it off the moor before dark! I dread the bogs! I really dread the bogs! I love love love the slabs!

A drizzly start
Getting worse!
The M62! Somewhere there....
Lunchtime!in In one of those stone windbreak refuge things!
Well if the trig point is there, then I'm not lost!
The Aiggin Stone! Meh!
How much 'support' do you think a stone in the middle of nowhere actually requires? Good one 'Lions!'
A reservoir with a right old gale howling over it!
More miles of flat, reservoir stomping! Looks small. Actually goes on for a very long way!
What do they call these things again? I'm sure they told us in school geography about the Ice Age and glaciers grinding little pots like this into rock. It's very, very old anyways!
And all of a sudden out of nowhere this monster pops up!
Stoodley Pike
You can go in it and climb the stairs to the balcony. But there's no windows and no light. You have to feel your way up! And frankly, it's scary as hell and I'm not up for it!
No thanks....!
Back to lower level stuff again to end the day!

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