Saturday, 3 May 2014

Day 05/18 : Cowling - Malham (30km)

Total distance covered so far : 131 km

A very long, long day.

A little peace before starting off.
Endless rolling greenery... Hmmm...!
It was a hot morning
A very tiny condom perhaps?
In a field full of these guys....???
No! Not,at all... It just makes your tail fall off!
The little lamb on the right has almost lost his. It's just a shrivelled rotting mess! Lovely!
Leeds and Liverpool canal.
Construction began 1770 and finished 1816! That 46 years!!!
An unusual road bridge
Lamsy 23 won't be home for tea tonight.... :-(
More green.....
And more green.... Oh boy...!
Gargrave church
River Aire on the way up to Malham
But boy! Do they have a ridiculous number of walls, styles and gates between here and Malham!
Getting very tired and annoyed with all the obstacles!
There's one more right there! The bridge has a wall you have to climb over/through! Tired legs don't want to do that stuff!
And more...
Very unimpressed now!
Malham. At last!
And one final bloody gate!







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