Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day 09 : Keld - Baldersdale (25km)

Total distance covered so far : 223km

Bogs scare me! I don't like them even when I'm with other people who could help pull me out if I get stuck. But I have a dread of them when I'm on my own. And today.... Nothing but squishy, oozing, come-let-me-trap-you-forever bogs! Mile after mile of the things. It's exhausting.

I'm not sure why, but today also, the entire route seems to have got harder. No more paving slabs to save you from being sucked into the mire! No more signposts telling you exactly which way to go! Just daft little posts that see to have more to do with where they put the rat poison than where the route goes!

Add to that a fierce chill wind and a lot of rain plus some truly very, very desolate and remote moorland and you have what for me was a bid of a sod of a day!

I'm glad and relieved its over and I'm praying for no more days like that. But it's still raining......!!!

Off to a not very promising start!
The sheep are hiding too!
An hour or so of relief before...
Here is comes again...
Sleightholme Moor! I'd recommentd not going there!
It's very, very remote and empty! And Boggy. And frightening!
Me being some kind of weird red nun!
More boggy bits
Bunnys not feeling right!
So why does the path have to go right through a bit that's just about too wide to leap over?
I just dare not get stuck!
Trying to look happy! Not doing very well.
If you ever go walking and see this sign, turn around and go another way...


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