Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Day 02 : Crowden - Standedge (23km)

Total distance covered so far : 48 km

Something of a grey old day. Not much sunshine today. So the world wasn't looking quite as glowing and lovely as yesterday. The hike turned out to be rather longer than 'billed' too. My own silly fault for not actually measuring it on a map. Tomorrow is another day. Older and wiser.

Here's the pictures from today.


A very still morning at the reservoir
Lovely avenue of trees! Too bad somebody sh*t there an I put my boot init!!!Yeah! Really!! KMT!
I really don't need telling that twice!!
A very, very scary drop again!
Black Hill! Thank goodness for the paved path!
The path here goes up! Vertically up!
There's a path right there behind me! It goes very very 'up'!
Here's a nice bedtime story for your kids!



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