Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Day 01 - Edal - Crowden (25km) pictures 01

Total distance covered so far : 25 km

It was a long day. I think the ups and downs add distance that the map doesn't include. Well I know they do! It's longer and harder than you'd expect. Yes, when it got squishy, it was largely paved and I'm still praising for that! But still, it was still a long way.

And in the last km or so, I was having to stop, give myself a little talking to and then carry on. Because the path was two feet wide, erratically up and down, intermittently covered in slithery mud, edged by a two foot no-mans-land (at best) followed by you don't even want to know how far down it dropped. Let me tell you! Mediation has its benefits! Switch mindfulness of breathing for oh my dear God, mindfulness of what the hell is right in front of me and absolutely nothing else and you got the picture. I don't like heights it seems! And this drop was about 170m over a distance of about100m. That's two thirds the height of the Shard with a slope so steep that a single slip means you're really not stopping on the way down! There's no barrier btw! Naturally!

Here's the pictures from a first lovely but tiring day!

The real start of a very long walk!!
Yes it really was there and so was this.... Right in the middle of absolutely nowhere. On the paved steps of Jacobs Ladder. Made me laugh!



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